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The Cheap and Effective Ways of Making Use Of Leaf Mould on Your Garden

Some of the methods used in maintaining the garden plants healthy during the cold seasons can be very expensive thus unaffordable to many gardeners. The solution to this issue is finding other relatively cheap ways of maintaining the garden. If you own a garden you should get more information on how to use leaf mold. Therefore instead of disposing of the leaves you from your garden can use them to keep your plants warm. Below is the most organic way to maintain your garden using leaf mold.

To make leaf mold, you will first need to have a place where you will gathering all the leaves from your garden. For ease of doing this work and avoid hand injuries you may need to have various tools such as shovels and gloves. You may have a neighbor who disposes of the leaves from his or her garden you can request them to allow to be collecting the leaves. This will help you to gather a massive pile of leaves within a very short period.

Once you have accumulated the leaves the next step is shredding them. Having a lawn mower will help in this step of shredding the leaves. The objective of this process expedites the decomposition process of the leaves.

You will need to have bagged the leaves in this step. The importance of doing this is monitoring the amount of moisture and air that is coming into contact with the leaves on the plastic bag. Once you have done this, you will store the bags with the leaves for the decomposition to take place within some days.

The next step is to spread the leaf mold all over the area of your garden that has plants. The good thing about using the leaf mold is as they decay they will provide your plants with vital nutrients that will make them more healthy. The purpose of using the leaf mold is to maintain the garden looking healthy even during the extremely cold seasons.

By using the leaf mould you will have discovered a very cheap method of keeping your garden looking elegant and health irrespective of the weather conditions. What makes leaf mould the best way to maintain your garden is the ease of which you can gather the leaves with some instances even generating some income from collecting leaves from your other people’s compounds. In addition it is relatively cheap and easy to store the leaf mould in your garage until when you need it. The other reason why you should consider using leaf molds is that there are no chemicals used in the process making this method the most organic and effective way.

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